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May 18 2008

Teacher shoes

I’ve been trying to revamp my wardrobe to include more “teacher” clothes… or rather, work clothes that make me look more professional than my T-shirts and capris. I’m also looking for a good pair of comfortable, but not entirely un-stylish shoes that I can stand in for a whole day. To all you veteran teachers out there, what kind of shoes do you recommend? At 5’7″ I’m not sure if I need a height boost so I’m still undecided on heels or not (I tend to be a little shaky in skinny heels). Is there a particular brand that’s proven trustworthy? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Christie Clark-Platzke

    You don’t want heels. Seriously. Go to Payless and buy 3-4 pairs of the most comfortable flats you can find that will mix and match well with different outfits. The highest heel I wear is only about an inch, and that’s on a pair of loafers. Also, your feet will thank you if you break in any shoes you buy before you start teaching. There is nothing worse than having to deal with blisters during Institute and/or the first few months of the school year.

  2. westmeetseast

    I’m not a teacher yet, but I would recommend Born shoes! SO comfortable!

  3. Honestly, sneakers and flip flops (if you can get away with it). You’ll see it’s pretty common for teachers to dress nicely, and also wear sneakers- your feet will thank you!
    Heels- ugh. Come 3rd period, you’ll be walking around in bare feet!

  4. Yea I’m pretty sure I hate heels anyhow. Thanks for all of your input!

  5. Anything that’s comfortable. Sneakers with dress clothes is comfortable. :)

  6. msggoestobaltimore

    I’m in exactly your same position wondering about clothing and whether or not I should be taller… except i’m 5’8″… hahaha. I’ve had great luck with Steve Maddens (usually you can find them at Boscov’s or BonTon on crazy sales… I paid $20 for mine). They’re extremely comfortable and the heels (or at least the pair I have) are wide enough that you can stand–firmly– on them for hours. Other than that, there are these AMAZING flats that American Eagle has in Payless– they’re just plain black flats, but they’re probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I think I bought them for something like $10 or $12. They’re simple but cute. Good luck!

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