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Sep 18 2008

Tired morning

This morning was a sluggish one. Last night I got back late despite a shortened school day, spent a lot of time following up with parents (I hate cold calling people), and then planned my lesson for today at the last minute. I woke up this morning in a stupor and started off first period thinking that the day was going to be very, very long.

It’s surprising, though, how I am energized when a lesson goes well. Today I planned a “CSI” style investigation to understand how physical properties can be used to identify unknown substances. It went alright, considering the typical energy level of my first class is low. I also did a density column with colored liquids, and for once I got my student who – I thought – hates me to participate in class. She was interested! She didn’t roll her eyes when I told her to do something! Amazing!

I think it had something to do with the Sprite I gave her yesterday. I had extra soda cans that I needed to empty for my collapsing can demo, and she heard I was giving out soda to my 4th period kids (there’s 2 of them, so naturally it’s a very laid back class), so she came by to get one. Bribery – it works.
It’s second period now…third period is coming. I always feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack as I go into third period everyday. I need to learn to relax.

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  1. third period? and me, my fourth grade class. bribery. amen.
    i’m so glad you’re writing in this blog, kai li!

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