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Feb 02 2009

To do: try not to freak out during 3rd period

This is at the top of my to do list for the next four days of this week. No, for the whole semester. Why don’t they see a correlation between how much they TALK during the entire lesson every day and how poorly they do on quizzes and tests? Why is their test average a 47% when every other class has near a 60-70% average? WHY do they make me want to shoot myself every day?

One doesn’t get anything I say but sits quietly writing gibberish on class work. One has taken the class twice before and sits staring out the window silently. One comes to class 40% of the time, and when she is here, snaps at me irritably because she doesn’t understand what’s going on. One is brilliant but hyperactive and is constantly telling an inappropriate story. One just sits there dumbly (it’s not that he can’t do it) and doesn’t write down a single thing, then asks me what he can do to make up his class work. One thinks it’s okay to have a side conversation, but not okay when I call her out about it. One doesn’t get anything I say because he is on a 2nd grade reading level and his math is atrocious, but hides it by telling stories riddled with profanity and singing songs about how he impregnated a girl. One does her work diligently every day.

For that one girl, I stay.

It’s barely enough. I can’t hang on to her and struggle for yet another semester. I love teaching, but this class makes me want to quit everyday.

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  1. Julia

    “for that one girl, i stay.”

    oh this line is keeping me going today, kelley :) this is what beauty is in the world: it is keeping the drum beating beneath a hopeless surface, it is learning to love the world that is kicking your ass on a daily basis.

  2. And it is really kicking my ass!

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