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Apr 07 2009

When I’m gone…

…My classes fall apart.

Ok, I exaggerate. Most of my classes were fine. Lately my third period has been incredibly good – so good, in fact, that they are finally getting a pizza party. But my fifth period has become the new third period. They fight, they argue, they curse, and they generally just spend a lot of time off task.

Yesterday my co-teacher, who hasn’t been teaching with me for several weeks because he’s been offering a section of fifth period physics, stepped in to fill my place. According to him, this is what happened: two students broke the honor code and cheated on a quiz, and two more students cursed him out and ended up suspended.

I’m about to see my fifth period in a few minutes. I already saw one of my students who broke the honor code today. I told him I knew what happened yesterday. He said, “I know. We need to talk.” I appreciate his maturity (he sounded so much like some husband who had just cheated on his wife, and came home to say “We need to talk” – I almost laughed), but I’m also incredibly disappointed. Since they both broke the honor code, I don’t think they can earn any second chances at the quiz. They’ll just take a zero.

This is why sick days aren’t breaks, but really just days I spend at home worrying about what’s going to happen to my kids when I’m not there. I can’t wait for summer – oh, those days of no responsibility!

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