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Oct 06 2009

I confused you for a student…

Today I stayed after a bit during tutoring to unpack some textbooks and break down some cardboard boxes (somehow, attacking cardboard boxes with a pair of scissors after a frustrating day is wonderful). Of course, the second bell rang for tutoring and kids were still wandering the halls. One kid – surprise, surprise, the brother of my most annoying child from last year…must be an annoying gene that runs in the family – was just sitting in a chair next to me peeling an orange and dropping his peels on the floor. Here’s the exchange that followed.

Me: “Are you serious? You can’t eat up here. Put that away, or go down to the cafeteria.”

Him: “Ok.”

He continues dropping orange peels. Then he walks around the corner to the staircase where he thinks I can’t see him. I follow him and see that he’s dropping orange peels again in the hallway.


“Oh, I didn’t even know you were there! You look like a student, that’s how young you look!”

Oh how I wanted to say this in response: “Oh, I didn’t even know you were there either! You look like a full grown adult, why are you still in the tenth grade? No, really, why? Is it maybe because you’re standing here dropping orange peels on the ground like an idiot when you should be in tutoring getting your homework done?”

…These things only come to me in retrospect. By that time, he had left and gone upstairs to his tutoring room. I wish I were quicker on my feet.

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  1. wearepennstate

    LOL! That annoying gene sure is something.

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