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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Aug 18 2010


It’s been real, TeachForUs. Thanks for getting me through these two years and listening to me rant and ramble about my everyday shenanigans as a teacher in urban DC.

I’ll miss you, TeachFor.Us network, and fellow TFA veterans! To any new or prospective corps member reading this, rock on. You will find it in you to persevere, and you will come away with some of the most heartrending, infuriating, and hilarious stories to tell – and please do tell them!

Also, if you have been following my posts and are looking for high school science resources, I am in the process of a massive upload of physics and chemistry long term plans, successful labs, and major assessments. I am not sure if this link works, but you can find a start to my resources here. You’ll have to log in to TFAnet, of course.

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