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Mar 28 2008

The interviews never stop

Next Tuesday I have an interview with the academic director of what looks like an amazing charter school in DC (so soon?!). You’d think that I’d be ready to rattle off on my experience after the intensive phone and day-long interviews for TFA, but this one feels different. Somehow, it’s more real. When I was…

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Mar 03 2008

Terrible chemistry jokes

I decided the old title of this blog was a little too melancholy for my tastes (it’s a lyric from a Flaming Lips song about growing up). So, I racked my brain for a good chemistry-nerd joke. Some catchy phrase. And then I remembered: my high school chemistry teacher once drew something on the board…

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Mar 01 2008

The first step

A couple of weeks ago I had my first look into what it might be like teaching high school students (it hardly counts, but it’s something!). For my pharmacology class we had to do a group presentation at a local high school on some aspect of drugs that we thought would be especially relevant for…

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